Deposit Accounts

Regular/Ownership Share Savings

Daily dividends paid on average daily balance

Share Checking:

Dividends on all shares with an average monthly balance of $5.00 - Low or no monthly maintainence fee – automatic Overdraft from loan or other shares – money market dividends on upper tier deposits – online access – image copy of checks available – electronic statements.

Electronic Check Conversion - Electronic Returned Check Fees: If you pay for something with a check or share draft you may be authorizing your check or share draft to be converted to an electronic funds transfer. You may also be authorizing the merchant to electronically debit your account for returned check fees. You are considered to have authorized these electronic funds transfers if you complete the transaction after being told (verbally or by a notice posted or sent to you) that the transfer may be processed electronically or if you sign a written authorization.

Special Share Savings:

Taxes – Insurance – Escrow

Share Certificates:

6 months to three years -- $1000 minimum

IRA Shares:

  • IRA regular shares or roll-over shares
  • IRA certificates for long term investments – regular or rollover
  • IRA Roth shares regular investment or Certificate investments